Don Knapp
Building a Quality Culture




"Our board had its monthly meeting this morning and everyone was blown away with your level of expertise."
President, Cultural Center, Oregon

"Your article on reforming Indiana government is right on target."
President, Indiana Municipal Management Association

"Thanks so much for the article Connecting the Dots Downtown II. It's quite apropos here right now. You highlight all the issues we're currently dealing with. I'll pass it along."
Member, Downtown Organization Board and City Council, California

"It was amazing to see your wealth of knowledge, your delight in ideas and your ability to 'get' the essence of each and how much you love people and connect with them at all times. It is a gift; you are so good at it, too. You ought to be running my school."
Director, Private School, Washington DC

"Wow! This is a great message. . .Thanks for the input. The Biz Plan is working as a living document and we have an updated annual plan to implement ideas. I like your suggestions."
President, Citizens League, Minnesota

"Thank you so much for giving your time and for taking an interest to suggest ways in which we can grow and further succeed. I'm very appreciative that you've offered your experience and suggestions to us through your e mail message and I have copied the board so we can all benefit."
Board Member , Performing Arts Organization, Scottsdale , AZ  

"I always appreciate your global vision as a way of looking at cities. Thanks for helping us set higher standards." President, Public-Private Partnership, Major Midwest City

"I finished going through your books on MLK day. Thanks for the loan. I got some useful ideas. . . I truly appreciate the time you spent talking to me about downtowns, downtown revitalization and the importance of downtown associations. Your experience and insights were very helpful and I believe we can put some of it to use in this year of the millennium."
Mayor, North Carolina City

"I am especially pleased with the thoughts you generated for a proposed downtown plaza with accompanying parking, retail-office and housing development."
Lt. Governor, Western State

"Don's broad experience together with his energy and his many practical ideas, have been an inspiration to committee members, often prompting them to take their ideas to a higher level. 'It always made our ideas better because he was there.'"
The Billings , MT Gazette quoting the chair of steering committee that produced a downtown strategy and partnership organization.

"You have made a distinguished career at Honeywell and have been a great force for good in Indiana ."
Retired CEO, Fortune 500 Industry, Indiana

"If Mark Honeywell and the Foundation he created had not established the Center, if donors had not been so generous, if Don Knapp had not managed the Center for half its existence, would all these marvels have come to Wabash."
Life Member, The Honeywell Foundation, Inc.

"Don Knapp is the most creative client I have ever worked with."
Chief Designer, Honeywell Center Addition

The Honeywell Center 's Ford Theater "will soon be known as one of the finest concert halls in the country. The acoustics are incredible."
Musical Director, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

"Don Knapp received a special honor Thursday night that he has long deserved. Knapp, the Honeywell Foundation Executive Director, was the 1994 Distinguished Citizen during the Wabash Area Chamber of Commerce annual dinner. Knapp is one of those individuals who has the foresightedness to think about tomorrow, but the sense to remember the importance of today. No all of Knapp's ideas on ways to improve the community have been met openly. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to think and work on ways to improve not only downtown, but all of Wabash and Wabash County as well. And don't forget it is Knapp, working closely with the Honeywell Foundation Board of Directors, who oversaw the planning, construction and opening of the true jewel of Wabash , the $17 million Honeywell Center addition. And what is even more remarkable about the project is that no tax money was used to construct the project. Don Knapp is truly a great asset to this community. Wabash should consider itself fortunate to have someone of Knapp's ability for 25 years. Congratulations Don. You truly deserve the honor." Editorial, Wabash , IN , Plain Dealer

"We so appreciated your words upon receiving your award . . .about how each of us has a unique mix that we bring into this world and how we are all different in our approach. I'm also wondering how old I have to be to understand 'when to listen and when to speak up.' Your composure and ability to pass on your insights at that moment were amazing. We heard them and will remember them."
President, Arts Organization, Wabash , Indiana

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